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We know navigating your IT infrastructure can be daunting, and that’s why we are here to help! Here are answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions. Have more to ask? Contact us!

How do I get started?
Call or email us to set up a free consultation and site review. Once we determine your needs, we will provide suggestions and feedback about ways to optimize your current IT infrastructure. If we agree to move forward, we can begin your IT services immediately.

Isn’t the decision to outsource IT support expensive?
Actually, no. Depending upon the size of your company, and the level of computer service you need, bringing us in to provide IT services can actually save you money. When you consider the expense of hiring IT staff member(s) plus the roughly 25% more in benefits and taxes, outsourcing makes sense. We work primarily on a fee for service basis, so we bill for work that we do. There’s no paying for down time like there can be with staff IT. For smaller companies, our rates are the best for this level of professional service and we save you headache and hassle of managing your own system. With Executive IT, you are free to focus on your business rather than the IT infrastructure.

What makes Executive IT different from other IT consultants?
Simple, we’re in the relationship business. It just so happens that we focus on computers. During our initial consultation and site review, we spend time getting to know more about what you actually do in your business. Often, we spend time exploring ways to help you achieve your business goals in other areas such as marketing, business development, etc. With our varied networking relationships, we can often find ways to bring value to the relationship well beyond normal computer services. For instance, ask us about ways we can help you save money on your phone bills (free of charge!).


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